Ping Women's Rhapsody Fairway
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Ping i25 Fairway

Compact and hot off the tee, the 17-4 stainless steel Ping i25 Fairway woods are built into a sleeker frame to enhance shot making. The taller face and lower center of gravity boost ball speed and reduce spin for added distance. Patented racing stripes help with alignment, adjustable lofts customize your fitting, and the industry-first PWR shaft family optimizes trajectory and feel.


The i25 Fairway allows you to fine-tune your launch conditions by adding or subtracting ½-degree of loft on the 14°, 15°, and 18° heads. PING's Trajectory Tuning technology makes it easy to optimize launch angle and spin rate for maximizing distance.



  • Taller Face: The specially engineered tall face enlarges the hitting area and provides more confidence off the tee and in light rough.
  • Racing-Stripe Alignment: These crown stripes assist in aiming and delivering the clubface square, guide in taking the club back on the desired path, and help in aligning the feet and body for improved consistency.
  • Adjustable Hosel: The lightweight, adjustable hosel maintains the same outer diameter and mass as traditional fixed hoses without sacrificing the performance that's lost with larger bulkier club designs.
  • Variable-Thickness Face: The 17-4 steel face improves the energy transfer to increase ball velocity and optimize trajectory for generating more distance.
  • Proprietary PWR Shaft: Standing for Performance, Weighting, and Responsiveness, the PWR shafts maintain swingweight and balance with different weight and stiffness profiles. Lighter promotes higher ball flight and reduced fade-type misses. Heavier promotes lower flight and reduced draw-type misses.
  • Trajectory-Tuning Technology allows for adjusting lofts +/- 1/2 degree.
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