XXIO Prime9 Driver
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XXIO Prime9 Driver


The new XXIO Prime9 Driver features many luxurious details. Accenting the traditional gold coloring of the XXIO PRIME series with a platinum color scheme gives the new line a sense of added maturity and opulence. The addition of royal dark purple to the head provides a finished elegance that complements the platinum gold sole to give the entire XXIO PRIME series a renewed image. The three-toned shaft has silver coloring at the top, gold in the middle and black at the bottom end. The tonal coloring expresses the flexibility of the top and bottom ends, and the head has been color coordinated to match.

The new XXIO PRIME driver, the most famous product of the XXIO PRIME family, has four key performance features that help generate longer, more consistent distance performance for the target player:

The new XXIO PRIME SP-900 graphite shaft

Made by XXIO in Japan, the SP-900 promotes faster head speed. The unique layered structure and materials allow the SP-900 graphite shaft to be extended to 46 inches, and it is also 2 grams lighter than the previous shaft model to help increase head speed. The lighter shaft has also allowed for the creation of a driver grip that is 2 grams lighter, helping promote more speed coming into impact.

A powerful draw bias

An advanced material called Stretch-fill in the tip section of the SP-900 shaft adds flexibility to help the user more easily square the head at impact and encourage a draw. By contouring the toe and back of the club head and expanding the size and body thickness of the heel area, the new XXIO PRIME driver head shape provides a draw-biased image at address to promote a straighter, more powerful trajectory.

Head designed for increased forgiveness

The new XXIO PRIME driver features the Wing Cup Face. Developed for the XXIO9 series, it expands the size of the high-COR area in the heel and toe for a wider sweet spot. Combined with the new Sole Channel Structure, which allows for better face flexibility at impact - especially in the lower face - the new XXIO PRIME driver provides increased forgiveness to promote faster, more consistent ball speed.

Lower, deeper center of gravity

Two grams have been saved in the new lightweight crown, enabling an optimal redistribution of surplus weight. In combination with the shallow back shape, that facilitates a lower and deeper CG, and a higher MOI. Overall, these features promote better launch and accuracy.


  • Face Material: Titanium (Super-Tic Plus for XXIO)
  • Body Material: 811 Titanium + Stainless Steel Weight
  • Forged Face with Vacuum Precision Cast Body
  • Head Volume: 460
  • Shaft: XXIO Prime SP-900 Graphite
  • Grip: XXIO Prime Original Full Rubber
watch 38mm
Stainless Steel
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