XXIO 9 Driver
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XXIO 9 Driver


Introducing the new XXIO 9 Driver, XXIO has developed a new dual speed technology DST by designing the head and shaft to work together increasing the players swing speed. By using a heavier head, the kenetic energy is transfered into faster swing and ball speeds as the shaft enhances it by causing a speed increase near the impact zone.Its newly designed MP900 shaft has had a weight reduction and the center of gravity of the shaft has been placed to work better with the new heavier club head and its new materials. Toray is a aerospace materials company that has sold XXIO T1100G and T700G which for those who know shafts are some of the hottest materials available today in golf. XXIO appears to be the first brand to take these high end materials and implement them into a standard shaft option.


The Wing Cup Face design is a new technology that has been patented for the new XXIO 9 series for more stable distance and forgiveness especially in the heel and toe area which XXIO claims is up 10% over the previous model. The Toe and heel rebound has also been greatly improved so that off center shots produce more distance. XXIO has spent a lot of time improving all facets of this club by implementing a new weight to increase its MOI and deepen and lower its CG by optimal amounts as well as spending a lot of time creating a more pleasing sound at impact by using sound ribs within the head on the sole area. Available in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 in R/SR/S flexes with 45.5" lengths. The new XXIO driver has a face made of the new Forged SUPER-TIX Plus titanium cup face also an 8-2 titanium vacuum precision crown along with stainless steel weighting.


  • New forged cup face Super TIX material
  • More MOI, lower and deeper CG for better stability and distance
  • New DST Tech with heavy head kinetic technology incorporated with new shaft design


  • Lie angle: 58°
  • Head volume: 460cc
  • Club length: 45.5 inches
  • Club weight: 272 grams
  • Head face: Titanium (Super-TIX PLUS for XXIO)
  • Head body: 8-2 titanium + SUS weight
  • Finish: High brightness metallic blue gradient polarized paint
watch 38mm
Stainless Steel
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