Cleveland Mens RTX-3 Black Satin Wedges
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Cleveland Mens RTX-3 Black Satin Wedges

Get Closer To The Hole With New Cleveland Golf Wedges

Cleveland has long produced great wedges for professionals and amateurs alike, but arguably the company has never been more excited about a new line than it is about RTX-3. The mantra around RTX-3 is that these are wedges designed to help golfers get the ball closer to the hole, both on full shots and in the short game. Cleveland believes that three design elements will allow these wedges to achieve that goal, as well as give players more consistent results. First, the CG in RTX-3 has been moved away from the hosel and closer to the center of the clubface, with the result being improved feel, enhanced stability on all shots, and tighter shot dispersion.


Also of note, RTX-3 wedges utilize a new V Sole Grind that improves turf interaction, which was accomplished by adding bounce to the leading edge. Because RTX-3 wedges glide through the turf so effortlessly, clubhead speeds remain constant and players are able to hit the ball more precise yardages. Finally, a new Rotex clubface is being used, with improved and consistent spin from all turf conditions being its calling card. The new Tour Zip Grooves are deeper and narrower for more spin, while the micro-milling pattern is angled on sand and lob wedges to increase spin on shots played with an open clubface. RTX-3 wedges also feature three unique finishes, Tour Satin, Black Satin, and Tour Raw. Of particular note as it relates to the different finishes, the Black Satin finish has been designed to last longer than typical black finishes, while the Raw finish that’s available is identical to the Raw finish being played by the majority of Cleveland’s touring professionals.

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